Sunday, February 22, 2009

No it's not!

No it is not spring yet! This winter with the added fatigue of pregnancy has been especially long for me. I am in the second trimester now and fortunately coming out of the coma. Unfortunately I got up to find some more snow on the ground and some freezing temperatures to go with it.

Lucky for me, vacation is in 4 weeks. We are going to the beach. I have been doing little things to help me prepare for this trip, such as looking at vacation sites. Moving my bathing suit to the front of my closet where I can great it every morning, and 3 or 4 new dresses for the trip have helped me feel more mentally removed.

So the count down begins for me. I am sure that everyone has been there though. I feel like this break will be wonderful and the hubby.

It will be our last vacation without kids and I know there will be lots of fun memories.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Award

I received an award on January 17th from Gina at Namaste by Day it says I am cool! I am so tickled and now that I am feeling better I would like to pass the award on...

And this award goes to:

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