About this Blog

Where else can I have something be all about me?  I started this blog a couple years ago and it was meant to be about diet and fitness.  This explains the Diet and Fit Chick. That used to be my thing.  I have been on a diet my whole life.  I also work in marketing and I have a small less popular marketing blog as well.  So why not blog about what I do and what I don't eat?  Slowly but surely my blog evolved into much more than that.  This personal blog became about everything in my life mushed together.

If you asked me today I would say I have a mommy blog.  I guess because I am a mom now.

I expect this blog to grow with me and change as my life changes.  I have always envied those bloggers with the laser focus ( one topic, one life, one cohesive themed blog)  I am not that.  I am eccentric and all over the place.  From day to day my ideas and dreams change.

But some things say the same.  I am still trying to find my footing in life.  I am looking for answers in this complex world of parenting.  I know being a mom is my calling and I want to find something to do that keeps me in jeans beside my children.

I like to have fun.  I am honest, nice, loving, and I enjoy putting my thoughts out there.  I also feed on the posts other bloggers write. 

I guess all this is why I blog, how I blog, and all about me and my life---where else can it be about me and all about me...???  I said that though.

Love, MG

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