Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About self-hatred...

I am convinced that I like long drawn out torture, because I cannot stop reading and looking at all the pretty pictures on this Cupcake Blog. The cupcakes are works of art. They look so totally amazing. I cannot stop salivating as I am writing this, so I am going to be short. If you are like me you will add this blog to your roll. Please don't send me any hate mail for sharing.

I am a total rock star...

and here is how I know...

1. I am always on a diet. All rock stars are on diets. At least all female rock stars are on diets. Since I am a woman other females are my point of reference. Yes, I know, you probably read in People that Ashley Simpson eats whatever she wants, and doesn't want to be one of those girls who is constantly counting calories. But, what I have learned in my 29 years of living is that if it is too good to be true, it probably is not true. I mean, how many magazines would People really sell if they told everyone that in order to be super thin you need to go around eating carrots and counting calories? No one wants to read that stuff. Magazines allow us to enter the fantasy world of having your cake and eating it too, and I mean this literally. Fortunately, I know better, so I continue to diet, because I am a rock star.

2. I am kind of self-absorbed. Okay, I said it. This is the best kept secret of the "personal" bloggers. I mean, not that anyone would ever blame me for being kind of inward. I maintain two blogs where I write about different topics that interest me. Yes, it is all about me. This is why I can totally relate to Paris, Nicole, and my friend Loho. I meant acting is all about self expression. The key word there is "self". I can totally relate. I mean, I express myself everyday on my blog. This is because I am a rock star.

3. I lead a very demanding schedule. I am required to make an appearance at work everyday. After all, the people want me there. And I have to work out. Refer to #1 about always being on a diet. It is hard to squeeze that into my busy life. My husband wants me around too. My mom always wants my time as well. I can't forget to mention all my friends who are my biggest fans. While I am at work, my entire day is scheduled out as well. I mean I have to go to meetings, and meet with important people, and those people tell me what to do and how to do it. I guess it is because I am a rock star.

Are you a rock star? Give me a shout if you are and let me know the ways you rock!

Lots of love. XOXO

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Sunday

Today is Sunday blog day. There is nothing I can imagine that is anymore soothing to the soul than enjoying a cup of coffee, while catching up on this weeks blog posts and writing my own thoughts for all my regular readers to see.

I feel like this past week was pretty exhausting. I am looking to take some time this coming week to pass by those energy drainers. I am sure we all have them (the complaining co-worker, or the friend that takes our emotional juice). To top it all of we have the tasks we hate to do. For me it is any type of reporting or following up. I hate following up. I cannot every say that enough. Do you know how much business time would be saved if people just did what they said they would, by the date they promised? I would like to hope this hatred for following up makes me a better worker, because I hate to be followed up with almost as much as I hate to follow up, therefore, I get my stuff done.

Anyways, lets not talk about work on Sunday, because it is not Monday yet, and why think about it before it actually comes around - because god willing - it will.

Therefore I will focus on the current day...Sunday. So here it is folks, 3 reasons to be happy it is Sunday.

1. Coffee and Blogs
2. Football loving husbands are entertained - which means you can go shopping and bring all the bags in and he will nod in approval so he doesn't miss a play.
3. Great bunch with a short wait during the church sweet-spot (only for sinners, such as myself)

Have a good one...happy Sunday.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls Night In...

So the mood has passed. I am all smiles now. After spending the majority of the day relaxing, I am out of the funk. The best part is that I am having a girl's night in at my friend Pam's. Shannon is coming over tonight too. The husband is all smiles too. He is super happy because he gets to "empty the TIVO" I think he will probably also end up eating only meat for dinner, since he is naturally thin and has the ability to hate veggies. I am not bitter about the veggie thing at all. I would much rather eat veggies than gummy bears. Really...I swear--wink, wink.

So for girls night, we are going to make pizzas. Pam has 2 boys, which at the time was not as cool as it is now (she was 19). Shannon and I need all of Pam's advice and help. Pam has also reminded us that she will able to retire that much sooner than those of us who waited...thanks Pam. In the meantime, the two people I know in this world who enjoy gummy bears as much as I do will be stuffed full of them - sorry Pam.

Anyways drop me a line while I am having some girl time!

I did everything wrong...

So I am not sure if I have discussed the fact that I am running a 1/2 marathon on October 19 on my blog yet. Well I am. I also happen to be a bit OCD about my training for the 1/2. It is not that I am timing myself and looking for constantly perfect runs. It is just that I have my routines and things that I feel like I must do in order to complete my long runs. Today was a long run day. Normally, I get up early 7:00 am, and I eat the same breakfast and I head out for my run. Today I slept in - mistake number 1, I wore a different outfit - mistake number 2, and I had a bad attitude - mistake number 3. For me running is about the mental games you play to get your through what you have to do to succeed. I lost this game today.

I hate to continue to be a downer but all in all I am feeling like I have the blues. I am supposed to go over to my friends house to spend the night tonight, and I do not feel like it at all. I am considering canceling. Now that I failed for this weeks long run, I am stressing about the fact that the weekend before the 1/2 marathon I am going out of town for a friends b-party.

I feel like spending the day on the couch watching TV. I also sort of believe that when my body is giving me these mental signals I should listen. I might just be alone today and do my own thing and see what tomorrow brings me...

Friday, September 26, 2008

What do bloggers look like?

Has anyone else wondered what the typical blogger girl looks like? I have. I guess I picture an anthropologie girl - down to earth, and edgy, yet expensive. I imagine a nice hair cut that is slightly messy. The girl for sure has a cool car like a VW, or maybe she just bikes. I am sure she lives in a big city. If it isn't a big city it is definitely someplace like Portland or Seattle, perhaps Chicago, or somewhere in Maine.

I for sure do not fit in the mold I just described. I guess I just imagine what I am not. I have realized however, that a blogger can be anything. A blogger can be anyone who lives anywhere.

I am going to work on putting together a piece on the face of bloggers. If you read my blog and you want to be part of my project then send me a picture and I will post it along with a link back to your blog.

In the meantime keep blogging and remember when you wonder about other bloggers to look in the mirror! I am going to try!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I exposed myself to my husband

I did it. My husband saw my blog. So I was keeping my blog private from him. I was keeping it private because I didn't want him to judge me or laugh at me.

You would think that after being with someone for 4 years, getting married, merging finances, and participating in all the things couples do together that I wouldn't be this way. But I am. I am afraid of judgment at the level that blogging allows. Blogging allows for thoughts deeper than what I would say or write publicly.

I think it was, Simply, Me (Wishcake), who did the blog entry about the difference between blogging and journaling.

I agree with her thoughts on the matter. I simply think blogging is a step further than I have ever gone. Perhaps this is why as a marketer and and social media specialist it still took me so long to get on board.

Honestly, I know I said this is a previous post, but it is a great thing I have found here so far. I feel like I am part of a community and a niche where I belong. I find other bloggers to be honest. Most are very open to meeting other bloggers. Mostly, all of us have the common thread of the word.

Fun and Not so Fun...

I am pretty pissed off. I went out today and played a game. A game with a group of people who were all out to have fun and one person was so competitive that they sat there and made fun of others. I hate people like this. I consider myself to be competitive and I like to win, but I 100% know where to draw the line. I think this is such a douche bag thing to do and I don't want to be around douche bags.

Soul-Mates and Mama's Boys

What names do you go by? Sarah, On the blogs: (MarketingGurl, MarketingGirl, DietandFitChick)

Four thing
s you are wearing right now? Old Navy PJ Pants with blue and yellow flowers and a YouTube T-shirt Google sent me!

Do you belie
ve that everyone has a soul-mate? I am defining "has" in this question as knows or has met or will meet.

No, only because when I was in 12th grade, my mom met a clairvoyant at a Quilt Art Show who offered to trade services, my mother gave the reading to me and gave the woman an wall hanging. In any case, the woman told me that I would never meet my soul-mate, and I find that to be true. Granted I am in complete and total love with my husband and I believe he loves me, but I don't think deep down at the soul level we believe the same thing and have the same faith. I also think that everyone I meet in my life at that soul level has differences. I have had very close friends, very intense relationships, but soul mates
know. I know as of now I have not met my soul-mate, and my faith tells me to believe the clairvoyant. Therefore I do not believe everyone has a soul-mate.

s your current problem? Keeping my big mouth shut

Have you ever had your heart
broken? Yes, and it hurts at the core. Especially when it is a co-dependent toxic relationship like the one I was in prior to meeting my husband. For me, I was in college, and I did not date in high school so I was fairly emotionally naive and immature. I idealized the one I was with and gave him everything I had emotionally. To be fair I was very intensely smothering which I can see know, but even so this guy did the unimaginable and accused me of cheating. I remember not being able to breathe. For those of you who have ever been accused of something - anything - you feel guilty and uncomfortable moving, despite the fact that the accusation is false. It sucks. Needless to say this relationship ended. It ended several times, and good came out of the end. I lost 15 pounds and understood the meaning of a mama's boy. Never ever, date a mama's boy. Perhaps my experiences there will be the top of a future blog update.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iphone Cupcakes Win Competition

These cupcakes won the National Cupcake Decorating Championship: from LaughingSquid.com

Calling all designers...

So I have been so inspired by all the blogs that I am reading that I know I want a new look and feel to by blog. Something to make it pop, and inspire readers. I want to give my blog a personality and look and feel that is consistent. I guess this is the marketer in me. Does anyone recommend a designer? I have seen links and badges from different designers out there and I am considering approaching someone. I am of course willing to pay for this design and negotiate a fee, because I know things that I am good at and I am willing to accept my weaknesses. I first would like to see if there are designers who find me? If you do think you are up for the challenge, please leave me a comment or contact me at marketinggurl@gmail.com

Time to go to work but would rather be on the blogs all day...

Okay so I have been blogging on this blog for almost a week. A couple days. And I am loving it. I am meeting so many wonderful bloggers and sometimes I feel like I am reading my thoughts on their blog. Does anyone else have this happen? Crazy. Well, let me tell you...if I knew this would be so much fun I would have started a long time ago. I have seen other bloggers get mad, call people douche bags, run 1/2 marathons, steal, lose someone, be stalked, and much more daily fun. I really encourage anyone out there who has considered starting a personal blog to go for it. In the end you will read blogs from funny people, meet a good crowd, and get your thoughts out there in a meaningful (sometimes not) way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Flats,

I love you so much. I am so glad you forced your way in to my closet and pushed out those pointy heals. I know you don't get along well with the longer pants in my closet because they cover you up and blame you for the extra dirt. Don't worry about those pants because enable me to walk further and enjoy some breathing room in the toe area. I give you credit for all you have done. I am going to make friends with your friends and look for your characteristics in others. As far as those pants, do not worry about them. What goes around comes around and I will cut them and make sure they show off your good qualities.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Scary Story

Okay girls, so I scare myself to death when I am home alone. Not sure why. Yes I know I am 29 and I live in a safe area, but you must read Preppy Pearl's blog. SERIOUSLY. She just in all her words described the scariest stalker story ever. And...to top it off she has 4 roomies. Anyhoo. I am super glad she is okay. I also hope the 911 operator gets fired, because I am appalled at how she was treated! Despite all this she had a great post and good wedding stories to follow.

More of the Monday

So it is...Monday is over...what did I do for my Monday Fun? I went to go see the little kid I used to babysit play soccer. It was great. He was the star and kicked 4 of the 5 goals. He is 14 and not so little. In fact he is taller than my husband. I am sure my husband doesn't love this because he is all about competition. In fact he told me today over dinner how much he likes to win. This came up as I encouraged him to enter a programming contest. He started grinning just thinking that he might win. See he is like that...he grins when he is happy. It is cute. One of the things I love about him. He shows his emotions on his face. Gosh if he ever read this I would be in trouble. I don't like to give him too much credit.

As far as other items, since I guess I named my blog "Diet and Fit Chick" I should discuss how that is going. Well, it isn't. I ate mini-corn dogs and chips and cheese today and I didn't work out. It is hard. I can't always have my game on. The plan is a for sure hard workout tomorrow. Cardio and lifting. Other than dinner I ate very well today.

Well, loyal readers and those just surfing by...I better call it a night...so long...and tomorrow is Tuesday. Happy day 2 of Fall!

Monday Ramblings

So it comes again...it always does. I think I might start a Monday Fun Day instead of a Sunday Fun Day because I can't help but think that Monday needs a fun injection. I am watching the Today Show this fine morning and hearing all about this 700 dollar billion buyout. I probably could go on for pages here about how all the help is going to those who can't pay for their mortgage versus the people who pay monthly. We are the fortunate owners of 2 homes and we can't give away - we are trying. It isn't even like the smaller home we own is trashed or gross or anything. It is just a small condo that was well loved and outgrown.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bar Night at Home

So it was a gorgeous day today and my hubby was in the mood to eat and drink. What girl says no to that? We went down our list of favorite restaurants with patios and settled on what we call bar night at home, meaning we pick out typical bar food and eat it on our patio outside. What was on the menu tonight? Shrimp, Olives, Bud Light Lime, Twisted Tea, Wings and Pizza Rolls. Good Times.

Gummy Candy Rules

The way to my heart is through anything Gummy. Right now I am eating Trolli Cherry Bombers with a Tangy Cherry Burst. They are so good. I was wondering where the whole bag went, and I found out even my husband was eating what he called a few! See they must be good...My husband was born with the ability to ignore deserts and sweets. This is why he is so skinny. When he digs in I know I found a good thing.

Blogs of Note

So I am really enjoying day one of this more personal blog vs my marketing blog. I am reading and finding new interesting blogs. I was looking at the www.blogger.com list of blogs of note and I found Clever Girl Goes Blog and Allergic Girl. These are two great blogs that you guys should read. I love Clever Girl because of her humor and discussions of her old man hubby. Allergic Girl just speaks to me, because I too am blessed with many allergies which make eating challenging. Not corn dogs though. I love corn dogs. The mini corn dogs at BW3 rule!

Dig the running skirt...

So I did it. I purchased I running skirt. Okay so I have never been a "outfit runner". You know one of those girls who wears the tank with the built in sports bra - some now come with extra padding - and the matching black tight pants. My running outfit of choice is the tight thin cotton t-shirt (my current favorite brand: Junk food) and some short or capris.

Anyhoo...I did the running skirt thing. I did wear it with my favorite tight thin tee, but needless to say I did it. I am in love. My large butt was not hanging out but I got the benefit of wearing tight shorts...great if you are like me and get thigh rubbing action...without my butt overexposed to any passerby.

Diet and Fit Chick Introduction

Okay so here goes the blog. This is the Diet and Fit Chick's first blog entry. Simply put I am a girl who loves eating healthy and working out. Okay I am not a saint or anything. Okay, I don't really love it. But it is something I try to do and I think about.