Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soul-Mates and Mama's Boys

What names do you go by? Sarah, On the blogs: (MarketingGurl, MarketingGirl, DietandFitChick)

Four thing
s you are wearing right now? Old Navy PJ Pants with blue and yellow flowers and a YouTube T-shirt Google sent me!

Do you belie
ve that everyone has a soul-mate? I am defining "has" in this question as knows or has met or will meet.

No, only because when I was in 12th grade, my mom met a clairvoyant at a Quilt Art Show who offered to trade services, my mother gave the reading to me and gave the woman an wall hanging. In any case, the woman told me that I would never meet my soul-mate, and I find that to be true. Granted I am in complete and total love with my husband and I believe he loves me, but I don't think deep down at the soul level we believe the same thing and have the same faith. I also think that everyone I meet in my life at that soul level has differences. I have had very close friends, very intense relationships, but soul mates
know. I know as of now I have not met my soul-mate, and my faith tells me to believe the clairvoyant. Therefore I do not believe everyone has a soul-mate.

s your current problem? Keeping my big mouth shut

Have you ever had your heart
broken? Yes, and it hurts at the core. Especially when it is a co-dependent toxic relationship like the one I was in prior to meeting my husband. For me, I was in college, and I did not date in high school so I was fairly emotionally naive and immature. I idealized the one I was with and gave him everything I had emotionally. To be fair I was very intensely smothering which I can see know, but even so this guy did the unimaginable and accused me of cheating. I remember not being able to breathe. For those of you who have ever been accused of something - anything - you feel guilty and uncomfortable moving, despite the fact that the accusation is false. It sucks. Needless to say this relationship ended. It ended several times, and good came out of the end. I lost 15 pounds and understood the meaning of a mama's boy. Never ever, date a mama's boy. Perhaps my experiences there will be the top of a future blog update.

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Anonymous said...

Soul Mates: A fortune teller told me 5 years ago i would meet my soul mate - he told me he would live abroad and that he would know me before i knew him? He also told me i would live abroad? Freaky as this sounds...i back then had no idea that now i would be moving abroad i wonder will the rest of it come true?? your blog!