Monday, September 22, 2008

More of the Monday

So it is...Monday is over...what did I do for my Monday Fun? I went to go see the little kid I used to babysit play soccer. It was great. He was the star and kicked 4 of the 5 goals. He is 14 and not so little. In fact he is taller than my husband. I am sure my husband doesn't love this because he is all about competition. In fact he told me today over dinner how much he likes to win. This came up as I encouraged him to enter a programming contest. He started grinning just thinking that he might win. See he is like that...he grins when he is happy. It is cute. One of the things I love about him. He shows his emotions on his face. Gosh if he ever read this I would be in trouble. I don't like to give him too much credit.

As far as other items, since I guess I named my blog "Diet and Fit Chick" I should discuss how that is going. Well, it isn't. I ate mini-corn dogs and chips and cheese today and I didn't work out. It is hard. I can't always have my game on. The plan is a for sure hard workout tomorrow. Cardio and lifting. Other than dinner I ate very well today.

Well, loyal readers and those just surfing by...I better call it a long...and tomorrow is Tuesday. Happy day 2 of Fall!

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