Friday, September 26, 2008

What do bloggers look like?

Has anyone else wondered what the typical blogger girl looks like? I have. I guess I picture an anthropologie girl - down to earth, and edgy, yet expensive. I imagine a nice hair cut that is slightly messy. The girl for sure has a cool car like a VW, or maybe she just bikes. I am sure she lives in a big city. If it isn't a big city it is definitely someplace like Portland or Seattle, perhaps Chicago, or somewhere in Maine.

I for sure do not fit in the mold I just described. I guess I just imagine what I am not. I have realized however, that a blogger can be anything. A blogger can be anyone who lives anywhere.

I am going to work on putting together a piece on the face of bloggers. If you read my blog and you want to be part of my project then send me a picture and I will post it along with a link back to your blog.

In the meantime keep blogging and remember when you wonder about other bloggers to look in the mirror! I am going to try!


brookem said...

interesting idea! id be interested in participating, but im fairly "anonymous" on my own blog. id have to think about posting a picture with a link... but let me know!

Kitty Cat said...

You have a fun, interesting blog. I'm checking it out for the first time! This is a cool idea, except that I too, am an anonymous blogger!

Andrea said...

You pose a really interesting question. I've never though about that before, but, yes, that "Blogging Girl" stereotype sounds nice and romantic to me.