Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls Night In...

So the mood has passed. I am all smiles now. After spending the majority of the day relaxing, I am out of the funk. The best part is that I am having a girl's night in at my friend Pam's. Shannon is coming over tonight too. The husband is all smiles too. He is super happy because he gets to "empty the TIVO" I think he will probably also end up eating only meat for dinner, since he is naturally thin and has the ability to hate veggies. I am not bitter about the veggie thing at all. I would much rather eat veggies than gummy bears. Really...I swear--wink, wink.

So for girls night, we are going to make pizzas. Pam has 2 boys, which at the time was not as cool as it is now (she was 19). Shannon and I need all of Pam's advice and help. Pam has also reminded us that she will able to retire that much sooner than those of us who waited...thanks Pam. In the meantime, the two people I know in this world who enjoy gummy bears as much as I do will be stuffed full of them - sorry Pam.

Anyways drop me a line while I am having some girl time!