Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost 100 days left

So it is hard to believe that I have 115 days left of pregnancy. Today I was trying to figure out when and how my brother would come back to see his first ever nephew. Granted I know my parents are just being nice but my mom reminded me of her stillbirth and told me that I should just get my brother a plane ticket (he is broke, which is a whole different post), once the baby is for sure coming. Her suggestion was to have him come home right after the birth.

So for obvious reasons my mom doesn't open up about her miscarriage. It was way before me and with a previous husband, but as we get closer she does open up. I guess her stillbirth was at full term. She told me today what happened during the entire process. My dad softened it by reassuring me that I probably have better care than she had at the time. Needless to say it is scary.

Thoughts? Will the fear ever go away or is it something you always have to have in the back of your mind as a parent to be/parent?


M and G said...

I think you will be just is so rare that those things happen now a days. But I do think as future mommas we are always going to have a bit of a worry in the back of our heads. But the thing that has helped me the most is prayer through my pregnancy!

Duchess said...

I think that is something that is in the back of every woman who wants to have children's mind. My mom had a perfect pregnancy and I am not even pregnant however my bloggie friends who are have shared their stories and it does give you a pause now and then.

You will be fine chickee and we are keeping you and baby Fit in our prayers


The at term loss your mom had was a stillbirth not a miscarriage. Two very painful but different events. Stillbirths aren't rare. 30,000 a year. Stillbirths occur 8-10 times more than all the cause of infant deaths including SIDS.

Not to scare you - which I probably have done. Ask your doctor about kickcounting during this last 3 months. I am sure you will be fine. Your mother is just worried for you.

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