Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving the weather

I love summer. This time of year on the east coast is amazing. People tend to hibernate all winter and it is so nice to come out and see the sun again. Today my husband spent the entire day landscaping our beds and we are about to head out for some errands. You know I find that owning and keeping up a house makes for a lot less time shopping. I guess I don't get it. You have to stop shopping as much to save for a house and when you finally get one you don't shop as much. Okay well, maybe for the little things. The stuff we do buy is astronomically more expensive. We used to take trips to Target when we were renting or living in the condo. I would be convinced I needed stuff that I probably didn't really need. I would redecorate every season.

Tonight it is a light veggie pasta for dinner. Not sure what all I am going to throw in there but I know it will be healthy and tasty and full of summer love. Anyways just wanted to say hi to all of you enjoying the pretty days...I never regret taking advantage of these days in February.