Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brand New Ad Network

So I am joining an ad network to help monetize this blog and make a little dough. The new ad network is just starting up and it is at: It is ads that are pay per sale, so I would only get paid if a sale resulted from seeing an ad at my blog. There are cookies in place so that the shopper only has to encounter the ad at my blog, and then I get credit for the sale. It is pretty exciting that something like this is starting up for bloggers.

My friend and fellow marketer is the girl setting the whole thing up so I said I would give her some shouts on my blog - so here it is. Try it out...sign if you are interested, and pass it along. I am pretty sure that there will be alot of interest in these ads. They are going to be cute and pretty mom focused. If you are interested you can also email her at Just let her know you heard about the new ad network she is starting from Marketinggurl!!

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