Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please don't t hate me

Please don't judge, but I am getting a cleaning service and going back to work full time. You see, I know this is counter to all the things I want in be self employed and staying home with my baby (and future ones) but I am just not there yet. I know all of you have been there with me through the ups and downs and postpartum mess that I was.

I know that I haven't been posting that much lately and this is in part why I have not been writing as much. It isn't because I have been busy working. My first week back is really this week. It is because to write the post about going back full time is admitting it to myself.

I am so conflicted that I am leaving my little one...but I know all the mom's out there understand the conflict. At times I question if this conflict just exists no matter what when you have a kid.


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Kristy said...

That is a big transition, but you know, there are so many advantages to either world - just try to enjoy the ones you live in! And, by the way, I would never hate you for getting a cleaning service, I would only be HIGHLY JEALOUS because I would love to do the same thing!