Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chupacabra and Duct Tape An Award

Okay I would like to thank Pampers and Pinot for this award - and I might add that I haven't gotten an award in well over a year so this one is a special one - and just a bit of stream of consciousness here...because I don't have time for much more with a hubby in the shower and baby duty and the errands of a Sunday.  I know Pinot as I like to call her gave me this award because she loves me but I also think it was a sign because she wrote a post that went with the award that made me cry because it sounded just like words I would have written myself.  I think we were meant to be virtual bffs you see.

Pinot is going back to work and all her feelings are mine - down to the Citibank card which I also own with the ridiculous interest rate.

Penot! I love you.  And this award goes to:

The Winey Mommy


Spilled Milk

The Tarr Pit

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Anonymous said...


Kristy said...

Ahhh, you are so sweet! I yet again posted about going back to work. I think I am feeling sorry for myself. (Hey, if I don't feel sorry for myself, who will I beg of you.) Anyways, glad you enjoyed the awards!

Chelle said...

Awww!! Thanks girl!

And congrats to you!! Heart you!