Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Selfish Post...

So today I am going to write a list as fast as I can with no efforts to change what comes out -- other than proofing. I have to proof because I am not the best speller and when I write quickly I am not very good and composing complete thoughts. But any changing of the list today is off limits just a quick 10 reasons why I love life!

1. The changing of the seasons - I love the different seasons. I honestly can say I do not like the cold yet every year I look forward to snow. I love big snow storms that shut down the city. I also love when it is freezing cold and I stay in all day and make comfort food in the crock pot.
2. The fact that I was blessed with enough tools to make my dreams come true - I feel lucky in this respect, because I know in this world and our country this is not a born right. Sad for me but true. So I find happiness in the fact that I was lucky enough to be born into a family where I was given eduction, books, and the tools to learn. We had computers from the earliest age. We were never denied books. My parents had enough money that we were sent to the best schools and college was never a question.
3. Books - I love books. I love reading for enjoyment as well as for education. Okay I cannot say that I love reading a textbook. But, I do love reading about topics I am interested in learning about. Lately, that has been religion and faith. I also just love chick lit. I love easy reads about groups of girls and lasting friendships and I love reading about fashion and bitchiness.
4. Love - Well what can I say about love. I love it. I love feeling this feeling toward my husband and family and to my pets and even towards some activities. When I was little I sometimes felt I loved things. As I have grown up I do not have as much love for things but I do adore and really cherish some things.
5. Family - I love family. I have good days and bad days and the good days spent with family are worth the time. I love the fact that I have a family and people in my life that are "almost family".
6. The ability to learn and grow - I think this is an ability within. I am in an environment where I can live and grow freely. I have time to read and relationships that foster growth. I also feel that I am in a job that allows for this. Unfortunately finding a job where I can grow was the biggest challenge of all. Now that I am there it feels right.
7. Health - I am very happy for my health. But I think the health thing goes deeper. Everything we eat, weather or not we exercise that is a choice that we are free to make. I am happy I have the choice. I am happy that I am not eating what is given to me and the choices are mine. I own these and that makes me happy.
8. Challenge - Life is really hard. I have had hard times, and sad times, and times where I didn't know how I could go on. But I am here now and I am very grateful for those past challenges. Those challenges made me who I am today.
9. Recreating Hopes - I am happy I have hopes of recreating and having a baby. I have not written many posts in my blog about this topic, but I am sure in the next couple weeks and months these posts will be flowing. My husband and I have decided that I will stop taking my birth control this week. I am very excited and I pray that I will be blessed with a healthy baby.
10. Giving Back - With the baby topic and the topic of getting older. I think that giving back is crucial to society. I think teaching is such a gift and a teacher comes in everyday and giving students the biggest gift of all. I love teachers and I think it is one of the most noble jobs out there. I also believe it is our duty as takers to give back. We can do this with things, money, time and our heart. I love this aspect of life.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a great list!!

Miss Tiff said...

Excellent list and a great post! :)

*~Dani~* said...

Great list! I hate snow as well but always welcome the changing of the seasons. Just wish it didnt cause so many problems driving!

Kitty Cat said...

I love the last one on your list. Giving back!

Fian said...

I, too, appeciate being able to learn and grow. I feel so sorry for people who seem to get "stuck" in their personal growth. I never want to stop being better than I am! What a great list you created!