Saturday, October 4, 2008

A+ Award

I think I am the luckiest blogger on the blogsphere this weekend because I received my second award. I received the award from: Mrs. Newlywed, who is my best blog friend. Mrs. Newlywed is the author of Misadventures of Mrs. Newlywed. I highly recommend that you add her to your blog rolls and read her posts. She is a very witty bride and I love her! Thanks Mrs. Newlywed.

Here are the rules of the A+ Blogger Award

1. You should pay it forward to 2 other blogger and let them know they won

2. You should give them a compliment

3. You should thank your giver

4. You should post your award for the world to see!

So, I am going to give this award to, Simply, me because this girl has talent. If you want proof check out her Etsy Shop. I love the wallets she makes! The second award goes to, EmilyPie, because I just love her photos. You also might get a kick out of what her dogs do to her pillows.


*~Dani~* said...

Girl - you are full of awards! I love Ms. Newlywed too. Her blog is fun to read.

wishcake said...

Thank you for the award, my dear! Very sweet of you. :)

I appreciate your compliments on my store, too - it means alot to me!

EmilyPie said...

yay! Thanks! I've been all caught up in your marketing blog, didn't even think to come read this one too! Awesome.