Sunday, October 5, 2008

It is Sunday Again...

If you remember last week I posted It's Sunday and I discussed that day. After being part of the blogsphere for a while I realized Sunday time and time again is one of the highest traffic days. This fact tells me a couple things:
1. Blog reader's enjoy Sunday (assuming reading blogs equals enjoyment).
2. Bloggers spend the day catching up on the weeks happenings.
3. It is a day of reflection.

So, why then do some people hate Sunday's?
If you don't believe me that people hate Sundays check these out:
1. I Hate Sunday You Tube Video
2. I Hate Sunday Support Blog
3. I Hate Sunday Group on with 67 proud members

I know, checking those out is a little depressing but I went ahead and did the dirty work for you and here are some themes I found:
1. Some people have a job that is so bad the dread bleeds through to their Sunday - it is the simple knowing that Monday is coming...
2. Let's face it married bloggers, it is a family day, and those with out families can sometimes feel left out of the day.
3. Boredom
4. It reminds them of someone special in their lives that is no longer there for whatever reason.

In the case of the YouTube video, I actually really like that song and the video. I have never heard that song before and this was the first time watching the video. I think the lyrics and video demonstrate a couple of the reasons I stated above. I would be pretty depressed too if I got up and was still was in my "going out" makeup and clothes from the night before.

So fellow bloggers, and other's that come across this post. Let's be more understanding and inclusive on this day. Let's share the love we have for this lazy day. I leave you with the picture I found last Sunday, which sums up the day for me. Enjoy your coffee, and have a great day.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i remember not loving sundays when i was in college. the campus was empty. the dining hall was totally closed. you'd leave church and may not have someone to go to lunch with. it was a pretty sad day.

now it's a family day, but also a home day and a day when i can really relax and reflect. i like this post. i'll remember to be more inclusive in my sunday posts. :) hope your sunday is as fun as you are!

Nicole said...

Sunday is probably my fave day. I love leaving church with that good feeling and then going out with my hubby to a nice lunch. It's just a very peaceful day! It also brings back memories of Sunday family time when we all lived near eachother.

Relax and enjoy your Sunday! You deserve it!

*~Dani~* said...

I love Sundays too. My last day to relax, chill and hang with my family before the rigors of work. I need a coffee machine to make it better.

Kitty Cat said...

You are so right about the Monday dread creeping into Sunday. When I hated my job, I used to feel like that. Now, thankfully, I love Sundays!

Megan said...

I have also noticed that Sunday's are a high traffic day! I love Sunday's. They are my favorite day of the week!