Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Prime Rib Girl

So my husband told me one day that while one of my cute friends was like steak, the other cute girl was like prime rib. Unfortunately, I completely understood what he was saying. The girl he was referring to had polish. It was more than just polish, it was a quiet air of education combined with manners. She was a Miss Porter's girl.

Miss Porter's is an all girls school in Farmington, Connecticut. This town is rich yet small. It is the type of place where everyone knows your name. After you follow a long winding road to the top of the hill you are on the 150 acre property owned by the school. The school consists of 9 buildings. Current tuition is over 35,000 per year.

As anyone would imagine, this school has a long list of distinguished alumni. As anyone can also imagine, the school graduates a fair share of average, yet rich girls. Yet, even the most average graduates carry a polish that makes them shine.

Well, since I am always about self-improvement. I want to learn this shine. Granted, I realize much of this air has been developed since the earliest age, but I have a long time to learn and now is a good of time as any to learn. I believe that manners at this level can make the trek through life easier. I believe that speaking properly and at the proper level is something that is ignored at an alarming rate in our country. I also want to be that prime rib girl.

Are you prime rib, steak, or hamburger, let the choice be yours. I will be looking for tips and tricks to share along the way...I hope you will continue to read my blog and comment.