Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bride Wars

Okay does anyone else think this school teacher who has her wedding day on the same day as Chelsey Clinton is making a huge deal out of nothing?!  I mean get over it!  I think she is being super selfish to her guests.  First of all she is really milking this opportunity to get 5 minutes of fame.  Secondly, she claims she isn't a bridezilla and I completely disagree.

If I was invited to her wedding and I had RSVP'd "no" I am pretty sure I would be calling to say I could make it after all.  I mean I am superficial and I would totally want to accidentally bump into famous people.   I would get a last minute gift off the registry too.  She is getting all bridezilla and not thinking about her guests who I am pretty sure would want to brag about running into Obama and family.   Plus from what I read she has been engaged and planning this wedding for two years!

I don't even really buy the whole two year thing.  If she has really been planning the wedding for two years anyway I am sure she is the type to make her guest sit through a painful 1 hour ceremony.  I mean this is completely uncalled for.  If the two years thing is what I think - then she is more than likely giving it up, living with the dude, and trying to get him to just put the rest of the ring on it and shut up.  I know how this stuff works.

So get over it...let your guests get tied up in a start studded weekend and enjoy the horse and pony show I am sure the Clinton's are putting out - happy wedding!
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魏江伶魏江伶 said...


*~Dani~* said...

I hadn't heard about this woman but after reading your post say a blurb about it. Totally ridiculous. She should concentrate more on her own wedding. Like someone else said, what is Chelsea supposed to do - only get married sopmewhere when no one else is possibly getting married? Good luck with that!

*~Dani~* said...

"saw a blurb" - ugh, still too early I guess.