Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giveaway - C.O Bigelow - $49.50 - Value and perhaps more

Who doesn't love LEMON! I am doing a pretty sweet givaway - it is running starting today - until July 31st - why July 31st - well because it is an arbitrary date I picked on my calendar.

I will be giving away: the C.O. Bigelow® Lemon Body Cream (Jar) Special Limited Edition 32oz - value 49.50

Here is a sexy pic:

I will be drawing the results using

Here is how to enter:

1 Entry - Subscribe to this Blog
1 Additional Entry - Subscribe to my other mom blog:
1 Additional Entry - Tweet about this Giveaway
1 Additional Entry - Tweet about my new blog
10 Additional Entrys - Write a post about my Powell Mom blog explaining how I am a mommy blogger that is going local with 2 links included asking people to check it out and subscribe

As you can tell - I am pretty stoked about this giveaway - but wait - there is a catch - if my new blog gets to 100 subscribers then the first person who enters this givaway will get a $100 dollar TARGET gift card - who doensn't go to TARGET? If my new blog gets to 200 subscribers I will be doing a $200 dollar gift card to the first person who enters! There is no limit on entries. Remember to post a comment and tell me what you did!! And if you are first - then work-it girl! Cause you could be going shopping at Target!!



Kristy said...

Hey, I'm the first?! Wow! I haven't ever won in a giveaway before, I might! Email me or comment at my site if so! :) Going to check out your new blog.

Chelle said...

I'm a subscriber!

leoandchelle at yahoo dot com

Chelle said...

New blog subscriber!

leoandchelle at yahoo dot com

Jill said...

fun! i follow u

Jill said...

i also follow powell mom