Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will everybody just chillax?

Will everyone just chill the fuck out about Bristol Palin's engagement?

Is there one person in this world that doesn't agree that her Mom is probably so up in her relationship? If rebelling for this chick is getting engaged without her mom's knowledge then Sarah needs more things to worry about. Maybe she can go down and plug the oil spill with her dick.

Bristol already had a baby so it is confirmed that she has had sex. Now the only thing worse she could do is become a druggie. Becoming a druggie would be super easy for her too, because her finacees mom did a small amount and got put in some scary Alaskin (yep I said Alaskin) jail for drugs sometime during the campaign. Really who can blame her? I am pretty sure if my son was dating Sarah Palin's daugher then I might dabble in a little something something too.

And really I don't even think having sex is that big of a deal - was she like 16? Okay that is young but I am pretty sure that Bristol was exposed to adult things at an early age. I guarantee that dinner at the Palin's was all about really adult things like politics and oil. I think sex is just part of politics and oil. What politician that is really into oil isn't banging an entire block of women? Most of those women are hot too. Oil makes men rich, hot women like rich men. I know how this shit works.

So I don't think the whole thing is that big of a deal.

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