Monday, July 12, 2010

Missing the Obgyn

So I feel like I was pregnant all of last year. I know it was really only 10 months - I don't buy the whole 9 month thing at all. 40 weeks is 10 months - and I need an extra 2 months of just sympathy - so pretty much I was pregnant for 12 months.

So every month I would go to the doctor. Fortunately I had an uncomplicated and relatively easy pregnancy so going to the doctor was a happy time. My husband and I would bond over the dilation circle poster, we would glow after hearing the heartbeat and the doctor would ask about life and send me on my merry way. In addition to the monthly visits I had my birthing class which was in the lobby of my OB. So the last month and half I was at the doctor weekly. These were very happy times.

With all this happiness and fond memories - I miss the doctor. It was a routine. A place I would go for my baby checkup. The baby check up gave me so much reassurance and such a feeling of comfort. I would wear my best maternity outfit to go for my checkups. At the end I would hang on every word the doctor would say - just waiting for my new arrival.

I am not saying I don't have all those happy feelings now - I fact I have way more happy feelings. I just miss the regular feeling of going into the doctor. In some ways going to the doctor and that constant positive feeling, and reassurance is like a good relationship.

I can't imagine that I am alone in this feeling. I have just never heard anyone talk about I might look at someone oddly if they told me they missed the OB-gyn. But I do.

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Chelle said...

Girl I was seriously longing for those appointments just a week or two ago...

I love a routine--and it became routine to me. You are so not alone, lol!