Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogger List of To-do's

My blogger list of to-do's

1. Read all of my followers blogs - this is something I always said I would do when I first started blogging - it is a promise I made - this is how I learn and meet about new people...
2. Take the time to comment - I am always in my google reader - commenting is great because I have lots to say - and I want everyone to know I am out there
3. Add the links of the blogs I love to my scroll list
4. Add my reading list to a post - I want to share the love - I read so many great blogs daily I want to make a point of passing the list around
5. Do a great give-a-way. I love giveaways - easy ones with good prizes...but I admit I don't do them, and I want to
6. Update some of my stickers, and blurbs
7. Make a static bar of links at the top and write my information for each of those links - about me in more detail, awards, and make a big page of them (love sharing the creativity) and so on..
8. Post how to dos for anyone who doesn't have the time to dig around for answers
9. Post links at the bottom of posts - if you like this - Love those because then I read the majority of a blog before I know it!
10. Post a blog list of blogs I wish I wrote...god I adore blogs - I want everyone to know who I hero worship!


Brittany Ann said...

I love your list! I need to do one of these!

And the new look? Fabulous!

Miss M! said...

I wish they had an easier way to comment on blogs through Google Reader. Heck, I'd be happy if Google Reader would let you read blogs that were private but to which you had an invitation. I always forget about those.

Sarah C. said...

Great list! I do my best to keep up with & comment on my fav blogs as well. It can be tricky sometimes depending upon the little one's schedule.

Thanks for visiting my blog! And congrats on your little guy as well - aren't they fun? :)