Saturday, April 10, 2010

Latest Project - SEO and Link Building for Stylish Baby Bedding

My latest website freelance job is to optimization of the the pages of Stylish Baby Bedding. ( This is a page that offers baby bedding, crib sets, moses baskets, baby blankets, baby gifts and more.

Please visit the site when you get a chance.

I will be a little SEO centric in my plug for them. In any case the boutique is allowing me to share some of my experience with my blogger friends, for my effort. I am going to be posting alot on my Marketinggirly Blog as well.

So with that my next post is going to be about how you can help - AND WHAT YOU GET for the help...see...anyone who helps gets some benefit - I am working with the client to map out what that is...

Hope my blogger friends enjoy the journey.

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