Thursday, April 22, 2010

The things I should be doing...

Okay so my baby is napping on the couch beside me - okay whatever...I know that he should be in his crib - but I do not wake sleeping lions, I am enjoying some me time reading the blogs...oh oh - he might wake up...oh no eyes can't say open, I might have 5 or 10 more mins...probably 3 but in Mom free time that is like 20.

I should be making dinner now. I mean I am part time and today is my day off - but honestly I have been reading and hey I am doing something good.

Okay last thing...this is more of a should not...but I can't help it...I really shouldn't feel guilty but I do...I feel like I cheated on myself. I used to blog all the time and I loved it...I don't know why I quit but I did...I guess I feel so different now that I am back. Why did I ever take it for granted before...I used to blog or be in the blog world every day and sometimes all day on Sundays...reading, commenting, added new things to my blog...

I guess I just feel like I am a new person blogging now...mommyhood does make you reinvent yourself as a woman.

I mean I started it a young eager professional, and I come to blog now as a refuge to read other peoples thoughts and feelings. I guess it is just different on the is me not you who has changed.

Well I better go on to make dinner while I have the chance - if I don't do it now I will be doing it with a 20 lbs 8 month old strapped in the Baby Bjorn...needs to happen now...god protect the back and shoulders!

Love, MG


Sarah C. said...

I know that guilty feeling too, but we moms also need our "me" time and if blogging is part of that - so be it. I used to blog (and read & comment) much more pre-baby. Even being a SAHM, I don't have much free time.

Oh, and I'm jealous about your little guy napping beside you on the sofa. Mine hasn't done in months. Funny how there were times I'd be "trapped" with a month old sleeping on a pillow on my lap. I'd sit there for hours. LOL Afraid if I moved him, he'd stir. So sweet to just watch him sleep. :)

Brittany Ann said...

I can totally understand. I can only imagine how my life will change when we have our first little one!

Chelle said...

It blows my mind how much I have changed since having my girls.'s like I'm a totally different person now. I knew that would happen, but it's still weird?

Isn't Mommy free time the best? And the part where you said 3 minutes is really like 20 minutes now--SO true! It's like our minutes are equal to dog years. Or