Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't bother Mommy - She is Busy Bulding her Brand - I Wish

So if you haven't heard there is a great article about Mommy Bloggers in the NY Times. I posted the full article on my marketing blog. It is a long article and I found myself reading it between fusses, so I am going to review here and then if you have time to read the whole article that would be great too.

Title: Don't Bother Mommy I am Busy Building my Brand - I don't love the title it. I am not saying I don't let Little Man fuss while I do things sometimes, but fuss while I build my brand - no - I wish. I let him fuss while I use the bathroom, or while I get 3 bags ready to take him to the pool, or while I prepare him a meal that he hates.

Content: The article is about a Mommy Blogging Bootcamp - the 411 on commenting, getting views, SEO (love it) and taking your blog to the next level. But the article goes it to things that I didn't know about and that I find very interesting, like the advertising disclosure law. The article concludes by discussing how corporate brands have found the blog-sphere to be a viable forum. Lastly the article points to some well know mommy bloggers who get a whopping 36,000 plus visitors a day! WOW.

My conclusions: I think this article is very interesting and I am glad the topic is getting some attention (esp from NY Times versus just Oprah). I would have never said a year ago that I would want to attend a blogging conference , but I do. I find blogging to be a refuge now. I find it to be a place to meet new people and to share thoughts with others. I find it to be authentic. That is not to say that there isn't ruddiness, but I can deal with that, because for this time in my life the pros outweigh the cons.


Sarah C. said...

I'll have to take a peek at that article. And, like you, I don't let my little guy fuss while I blog. I save that for nap times (now!), when he's playing with Daddy or after he's gone to bed. I will let him fuss when appropriate such as the examples you listed.

I too am curious about those blogging conferences now. And I don't worry about the ugliness of blogging - the goodness and good people outweigh the bad. Plus, I can always just close a page and move on. Easier than getting away from some mean people in real life! LOL

On a side note, thanks for your nice comment on my blog this morning! Those were pretty simple (minus getting the kid's hand in the paint and then on the paper vs into the mouth) and fun to make. I figure if daycares can manage art projects with the infant group, why can't a mommy do it?

The Mommyologist said...

Glad you didn't think the article was awful! I was featured in it, and even though a lot of people found it offensive, I was still so happy to have been mentioned just for the sheer exposure factor of it all!!

Blogging is so much fun...that's why I have two now...Mommyologist AND Spy Mom!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Yeah, I read this article in the NY Times too. Very interesting!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today! You're so nice!

Chelle said...

I read this article--and it didn't really bother me in ways that it bothered others. I think that sometimes people just think "mommy bloggers" let their lives go to crap and sit on the couch...they don't get what it is to juggle it all!

I really want to go to a conference. I was thinking of the SITS bootcamp in Austin, but I'm not sure...we'll see :)


Lipstick said...

Interesting article and I am intrigued with blogging conferences...sort of. There's so much pressure to having a "big blog."

I have a full time demanding career that takes my energy...I can't post every day without fail and twitter five times a day. It's all so intimidating. Then the relaxation is gone. But if the career wasn't there...